Monday, August 30, 2010

My first bee blocks

I am participating the Flckr group [3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee. This was my first time to attend a bee, and I needed to be in Japan in the middle of the term of that. So I was a kind of nervous if I could make it in time. But I finally managed it. I finished all blocks even earlier than I expected.

These are the six blocks I made. The members in each beehives (there are 7 people in a hive) can request their favorite colors and everyone make 6 blocks in the same pattern for others according to their requests.

I used the simple version of Bento Box Quilt pattern. Because I love that pattern and making a Bent Box Quilt is the next thing on my list of the quilts I wanna make. I thought this Bee experience would give me some ideas to me. And also "Bento" is a Japanese word which means lunch, especially packed lunch for taking out with you. We call a lunch box "弁当箱 Bento-bako" in Japanese.

It was very fun to make these colorful blocks. Some of these color combination are that I usually don't pick for myself. But I found they work very nice and I love them.

This cheerful block is made for Jessica. She requested orange, white and yellow.

For Amanda. Gray, pink and white.

For Molly. Green, Make it rainbow.

For Dawn. Gray, yellow and white.

For Adrienne. Red, white and aqua.

For Monika. White, make it rainbow.

I am going to send out all of them this afternoon! I already received two blocks. They are so pretty and surprising. I can't wait receiving all blocks and putting them together. I enjoyed this Bee activity so much. I will do this again sometime next year for sure!

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