Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer in Japan 2

Hello everyone! We came back from Japan on this Wednesday. I am so sorry of my absence from blogging. My trip schedule was so tight and it was pretty hard to find the time to face to my PC over there. I'm still suffering from this bad jet lag (There is 13hours time difference between here and Japan!), but I think I should start writing about my trip a.s.a.p before my memories get weathered.

Then, where should I start? There are so many things I wanna tell. Well, I guess many of you are expecting something about Japanese craft and sewing. So I think I wanna start with the crafty side of my trip in Japan.

One day I went to Tokyo to see my dear friends I had been missing. And another thing I was really looking forward was shopping fabrics and other crafty stuff in Tokyo. The picture above is the view of Shinjuku. I went to Yuzawaya in Shinjuku for finding treasures.

Yuzawaya is one of huge crafting department stores in Japan. They have more than twenty branches in Japan and they sell all kinds of craft supplies on a large scale.

These are the fabrics I purchased at Yuzawaya. There were so many more I want. But I had to consider about how much luggage we could carry back to US and how light my wallet was, after getting air tickets to Japan for three of us!

It was busy time of the day so I had to wait in this long line to get my fabrics cut. I was almost late for rendezvous with my friend. (We had delicious Indian cuisine after this hurried shopping.)

I am very happy about what I got. Here is the list of my acquisitions.

Linen cotton polka dot and flower print. These are processed to produce washed feel and touch.

Linen cotton botanical print from LECIEN.

Cotton double gauze mermaid print from Kokka.

Cotton "Little twin stars Kiki & Lala" print from Sanrio. This one is for my daughter. These Sanrio characters were so popular when I was a little girl. That's amazing. I remember my sister had a pencil case of Kiki & Lala.

Japanese themed cotton prints. Wonderful thing is that they are all made in Japan!

I am going to write more about  fabrics, shops, and books of Japanese craft next. Stay tuned!


  1. My goodness ! I love all those fabrics ! I will sure visit Yuzawaya if I have a chance to visit Japan.

  2. Hi PY!
    I'll give you more information when you go to Japan!