Thursday, August 26, 2010

The very first day of school

Yesterday it was the very first day for Nina to go to Kindergarten. She has been so excited about going to be a kindergartner since she graduated her preschool in May. Eventually the day has come! She went to bed so early the night before that day, and she got up so quickly when I turned on the light in her bedroom in the morning. Here is the picture of Nina the kindergartner in her brand-new school uniform.

We went outside like ten minutes earlier than the time bus was supposed to come. But, you know, it was the very first day. Some kids would deny to ride on the bus and fuss around or many parents would have a few questions to ask the bus driver. That made the bus went slow. We probably waited for the bus for a half hour.

It was a fun time for us to wait the for the bus talking about Nina's new school life and how many friends she is going to make from now on.  I am so glad she really seems enjoying riding school bus.

In Japan, on the first day, schools have a ceremony for celebrating new students' entrance to school. Parents and students attend to the ceremony wearing formal clothes. School years start in April in Japan. At that time of the year it is the high season of cherry blossoms in most regions in Japan. That makes the ceremony more memorable and it could be a kind of emotional moment for many parents. That feeling must be similar to the one I and other parents had when we saw off the bus which our kids riding on to school on the first day.

This is the moment Nina came home from school in the afternoon. It was a big day for us and I am so glad we got over it. The first word she said when she saw us was " I made a friend! ". How cute it was! It was a happy happy day for us.

Thank you Nina's school bus and see you tomorrow morning! Bye bye!


  1. How exciting!!! I remember that I cried when I was at kindergarten registration for my older daughter. And again on the first day of school. She graduated from high school this week ( 9 months early). Tonight, we're getting her signed up for cosmotology school. Another relief and reason to cry.

  2. Congratulations for your daughter! Does she still live with you? It must be sooooo emotional someday when my daughter gets to leave home in the future! I am sure I would get "empty nest" syndrome.

  3. A wise older lady once told me that she thought that the reason that teen agers are so annoying is so you look forward to seeing them leave. I believe her.

  4. Wow,that is the idea I have never thought of. But I think that is pretty much persuasive. I am glad that I still have 7 more years until my girl starts annoying me. Thanks Marjorie.