Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer in Japan 4

I wanna tell you about my crafty sister today. She is pretty much dexterous in stitching. Especially in embroidery and applique. She and I have taken embroidery classes together in our twenties. She works very carefully and closely, so I think her finished work looks quality. She says she works too slow but I think taking time and finally making quality stuff is much better than making a junk quickly.

She is working on the fabric picture book right now. She uses felt sheets as the base and put objects on it with embroidery and applique.

This little pink bunny is the heroin of this story. Actually there is not a written story. So children can make up any stories on this book. I think that is a great idea to foster their imagination in their play. Look, the bunny can fit in her bed and there is her cloth stored in the closet. Every little elements are so Kawaii (means Cute in Japanese). I love it.

Get up and put your clothes on, Bunny! Let's have some breakfast!

Sunny side up, sausages, and some vegetables on the plate.

There are pieces of velcro tape on the plate and foods so you can rearrange them. How fun!

And children can play clock and learn about the time, too.

Also the buttons of this pretty dress are able to be fasten and undo. Good practice for preschool kids!

Her work inspired me a lot. That made me encouraged to make my version of the book for my daughter. Yes, our girls Nina and Momo really loved to play with that book. Even it was not finished yet.
I appreciate her work and be inspired all the time. I am glad to have a sister I can share many things about crafting!

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