Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer in Japan 3

I visited my sister's house. And eventually (really waited for long time!) I gave her the quilt I finished in May.
I could have send that via airmail, but after we decided to go to Japan this Summer I thought it would be nice to hand it to her from myself. She and her family members loved the quilt and they hung it on the wall in their daughter Momo's room. The wall is peachy pink and the quilt has some peachy colors in it. They picked out a perfect place for it. The quilt looks so pretty in Momo's room.

By the way, my sister has a part time job. The first day we stayed at her house she had to go to work. And she asked me to sew something for her living room while she went out to work. That sounded interesting to do that using someone else's sewing machine and fabric stash. So I consented to do that.

This is her "brother" machine. It was purchased recently. It was very compact, light and smart. Worked very well, but I felt it was a little too light for me.

These are cotton prints I picked out from her stash. I made kleenex box covers.

This is what I made. I liked my choice of fabrics. It fits very well in the interior of their home.

I had more time to sew. So I made another one with this fabric.

This project was really easy. I might make some more for my home. It could be done in 20 minutes to make one. And looks good doesn't it?

One more photo of the quilt in the peachy princess room.

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