Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank Goodness! I am a winner too!

I can't believe it but I was picked from over 1,500 people and won this contest! Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson had a May giveaway day on her blog as well last week and it was a giveaway contest. The contestants had to post the inspiration you would like Elizabeth to use for your quilt. I submitted my idea about making quilt inspired by Tokyo subway map. Then I saw more than 1,500 people posted comments, that made me think there was no way to win. But, OH THANK GOODNESS! She chose my idea! I am so honored to be chosen and it made my day (maybe not only a day) of course.

Here is the sketch of the subway quilt Elizabeth drew. And you can see the fabrics she picked for this quilt on her blog. I love them especially polka dots ones.

I just cannot wait to see how she will make it! And she will send the quilt to me? Again, unbelievable!

And what's more? I will get this Robert Kaufman quilter's linen bundle? That makes me swim! They are my favorite colors! Thank you Elizabeth!


  1. Congratulations, Hiromi! I can't wait to see the finished quilt! -Sina

  2. Congratulations Hiromi san! I was over at Oh Fransson & the Tokyo Quilt looks amazing already! I have a similiar quilt in progress for the past months & I love working on mine too! Warm greetings from someone who now lives in your old home city of Tokyo.

  3. congratulations Hiromi San! It was from Elizabeth's blog that brought me here. I'll subs your blog on my google reader. Would love to see what will you turn the awesome bundle you've won.

  4. XUE san Konnichiwa!
    Yes, Elizabeth's Tokyo quilt looks great! I still can't believe that is going to come to me!
    We are planning going to Japan this summer. I miss so many things in Japan. I can't wait to go shopping at new Yuzawaya in Shinjuku (I used to go to kichijoji when I lived in Tokyo)!
    Thank you!

    Hello a.niza!
    Thank you for visiting this blog. I have several ideas how I should spend the bundle I have won. But I still cannot decide what is the best way to go. It is so much fun to think about it. I am enjoying it!