Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One of my second machine quilts is done.

I am making two quilts for hanging up on the living room wall. I finished one of them. The size is 30"×30".

It took a while to decide the color for sashing. After shopping around several local fabric stores I finally picked this mocha brown. But I wasn't really sure this color was appropriate and I am still not sure about it.


I found that somehow I like basting with these quilting cloth pins (I actually don't know their official name). Well, I would probably change my mind when I make something big like for our king size bed someday (I don't think it would happen for years though).

I taped the backing fabric on the linoleum floor in my work room for making a sandwich. We are not crazy about linoleum, but sometimes it is nice that you have one not so beautiful flooring which you don't have to worry about scratches of your pins.

I quilted this in same way as my first one. I think I got a little better doing this. Once I got used to it, it is so fun and I couldn't leave my machine for hours. Well, actually it took only a couple hours to finish quilting this small piece. There is no wonder but it is amazingly quick compared with hand quilting! I love it.

I used dusty green and polka dot print for binding. I think I should have picked brighter contrasted colors. There is so much I need to learn about designing quilts. And I love to learn new things which I love to make.

Wishing you all have a good week!

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