Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breaking new ground

I love to do almost everything making things with my hands. But there is only one thing I could never like to do. It is Hand quilting. I really don't know why I don't like it. So it has stopped me to start making decent sized quilts until now.
But these years, the modern style quilt is getting trendy. I found there are so many fabulous quilters making fantastic modern quilts over the world. They are publishing their pieces online and it stimulated my inspiration so much. And also machine quilting is now very popular. I realized many good quilters are using free motion function of their general sewing machines. That encouraged me a lot.

I started learning about piecing and quilting with a sewing machine. There are so many references you can find on line. Many quilters' blogs provide useful tips and tutorials too. I decided to make a small quilt for practice with fabrics I had in my stash.


I made this quilt top long because if I could make this moderate I was going to hang it on the wall. Regrettably, it already seems this one is gonna be a picnic quilt or a beach mat.
And here we go! I am so embarrassed to show you this, but this is my very first free motion quilt! 

I know it is terrible! The stitch widths are uneven, curves are not smooth. But I  am learning a lot! I am half way done, and I think I could be better when it is done. I found that free motion stitching is so much fun to do and once I start, it is hard to stop.

I already made some blocks for my next project. I picked bright and fresh colored fabrics for my next quilt. 
I got this jelly roll of Kona Cotton. I just love to see the gradation of colors.


 I made eight square blocks. I am going to make two square quilts with these blocks. I would like to hang them up on both side of the TV in my living room. Let's hope it's gonna work all right.



  1. Thank you teaginny! I visited your blog and I love your busytown quilt! I feel so much love in it.I would like to make something inspired by that for my daughter someday.