Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crochet for Spring Cleaning?

Eventually,Spring is here. We had really nice warm days after St.Patric's Day. And blue Sky! It is so nice hearing birds chirping in the trees.

I found these flowers I have never seen before in my neighbor's front yard. The flower shapes look like Iris but they are very short as crocuses are.

Tim bought a pair of roller blades for Nina last week. Now it is the time for practice. We will need to be patient coaches everyday until Nina masters rolling them by her own.

By the way, Spring is cleaning time too. I crocheted a semipermanent "Swiffer sweeper sheet" with cheap acrylic yarn I got at Big Lot. Making wash cloth with acrylic yarn is pretty common craft in Japan. Acrylic yarn is known as a very good material for cleaning any hard surfaces.

I just crocheted a rectangle which is big enough to wrap my mop and made some button loops. I sewed old buttons on it. It took about an hour or so to finish. I don't think that is much labor if I could save the cost to buy refills for this product every month.

I made a dishcloth too. This cleaning thing even cleans tough coffee (or tea) stains on your cups well without using soap. You can use this for mirrors, sinks, floors, and many other things. The reason that this craft is popular in Japan is that people think it is good for environment because you can reduce the amount of detergent you use and it helps to prevent that the detergent harms your skin. It is very practical, inexpensive. And fun, of course!


  1. Those are indeed iris - sometimes called dwarf iris or spring iris, scientific name Iris reticulata. They are much smaller and bloom earlier than the more familiar (bearded) iris.

  2. Tricia,
    Thank you for a great information. I love to learn names of plants I don't know.