Thursday, October 9, 2014

Recent work

I am working on some embroidery pieces. These two projects look very different. But there is a hidden theme common to them. Can you tell?

You remember this polka dots!! Yes I really love this Japanese half linen dots. I always look for them when I go back to Japan. I shaped flowers by stitching around polka dots. Similar technique to chicken scratch.

This project below is a combination of applique and beads embroidery. I love doing applique. It is so much fun! To me, it is just like drawing or painting. The back ground fabric is a quality wool from a long winter coat. I enjoy Beads embroidery as well though it takes much more time than applique.

I think you already got an idea about the hidden theme. Yes, it is "Dots!!". Well, to be honest I haven't thought of it at all until I started thinking about the title of this post! (;p)

My recent work is mostly making items for sale. I am hoping that I will be able to reopen my Etsy shop soon. Also I try to make pretty things for Holiday gift shoppers in the town. It's hard to find time to do this but I will try as hard as I can!! What are you working on now?

Thank you for reading. And don't forget to enter "HAPPY500" giveaway!!


  1. The polka dot fabric embroidery is so wonderful. Simply wonderful. What a great concept!

  2. The work "seems" quite easybut the effect is absolutely wonderfull. Please show again when you are more advanced with this project, I would love to see theb completed item. Thank myou.