Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy 500 Giveaway!!

I am not sure how many of you "Like" my facebook Harujion Design page. If you have visited there you might already know that the page achieved the 500 Likes mile stone in the middle of September!! It sounds like a dream to me. When I started my facebook page I haven't even dreamed that I could have 500 likes. This is really a big mile stone for me and you can't tell how much this encourages me as a nameless designer. Thank you very much all the readers and fans. I really appreciate your support!

As I mentioned there in my facebook page, I am going to have "Happy 500" Giveaway today!! The item I am going to give away is this Sashiko embroidered pouch! Hope many of you are interested in to win it.

To enter, please go to the giveaway post in my facebook page and leave any of your thoughts in your comment about my creation, blog, or anything about handmade. You don't need to like my page to enter this giveaway, and if you are not a facebook user just leave a comment here in this blog post.   There is one rule. Please enter only one time per person. The entry will be closed on Saturday, October 11th at 6:00pm/EST. I will pick one lucky winner and announce that in both this blog and my facebook page sometime this weekend. Then I will ask the winner to give me some information which I will need to send the item out. If I do not get any response from the winner for a week she/he will loose her/his eligibility for receiving the giveaway item. In that case I will be picking out a new winner. So please check the blog or facebook page often so you won't miss your luck!!

I hope many of you will participate and enjoy this giveaway. I am so looking forward to hearing from you!! Again thank you so much!

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