Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Memoirs of the Summer #1

We came back from Japan last Tuesday. Our four weeks vacation in Japan has been over. It is always a little sad when I have to say Sayonara to my dear family and friends in my home country. The weather in Japan this Summer was extremely hot and humid. It went very close to 100°F in the area where my family live. There are some other places have gone over 100°F. After we came home it was very cool, even cold in South Bend. That made my lonesomeness grow a bit more. But awhile later the Summer came back so that cheered up my feeling and helped us coming back to our ordinary life.

A new school year just started this morning. It is always exciting for Nina to have a new teacher and new class mates. I am very sure that she is going to have another great year. I will get up at 5:30am every weekday morning to prepare her lunch like I did last year. I am glad we recovered from our long jet lag by today! (Pheeeew! It took so long this time!)

I was away from blogging for about three weeks. So I would like to update what I wanted to share with you during my absence. I am going to write some more about Japan in a series of posts later. So I'll just share my memories of this Summer today. (I don't wanna say the Summer is over, but sadly, I guess it is almost coming to the end. )

Before Nina and I went to Japan, Nina attended to three different themed acting camps at our favorite South Bend Civic Theater. Nina is getting interested in acting and theater activities more and more since her first appearance in "The little mermaid. Jr".

This is the picture of Nina's first rock climbing. My husband took her there so I wasn't there. He told me Nina surely got good balance and physical strength. I agree.

Nina also attended to the trampoline camp. I am sorry that the picture below looks so out of focus. The observation seats were very far from the area they performed. It must be hard to tell, but this is a photo of the big moment you don't want to miss!

We enjoyed the magnificent evening view of Down Town South Bend.

Then watched fireworks in a  beautiful Summer night.

After we came back from Japan, we went peach picking to a farm in Michigan. Peach season is almost over. But there were really ripe ones left. They were small but very juicy and sweet.

We got a box of good treats.

I also bought a pound of basil too. My whole house was filled with the yummy scent of basil.

Homemade peach pie. Doesn't look so beautiful but that tasted gooooood!

Homemade basil pesto. I made two small jars of pesto from a pound of basil.

I tried some spreading on toast. It was so super yummy! I'll make a simple pasta dish with this for the next!

OK, that's all for today. Sorry you ladies (and gentlemen) who expected some crafty subject in this post. I will post the next one soon and there will be a bit of crafty elements. Thank you for reading such a long post. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your Summer (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere!) .

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  1. Nina está grande!
    Eu amo pêssegos! De qualquer forma: fruta, suco, doces, geleias...hummm!
    Este pesto de manjericão parece muito bom!
    Um abraço!

    Nina is great!
    I love peaches! Anyway: fruit, juice, jams, jellies ... hummm!
    This basil pesto looks pretty good!