Friday, May 3, 2013

Language issue / Sakura (Japanese cherry) Blossom

I always appreciate that I live in this amazing internet age. There are more than two hundreds people all around the world following my blog, almost three hundreds people liking my facebook page. That is truly amazing and that definitely inspires my creation, my life and myself a lot! Those good crafty folks from everywhere on the globe encourage me so much and spreading my world so much wider! I would like to yell to all of you THANK YOU! today and also want to apologize for an issue. It is the language issue. The languages I speak and write are only Japanese and English. And my readers are from all over the world. I love love love you to leave comments in my blog, my facebook, or Flickr. I am always looking forward to hearing from you. But unfortunately, I cannot read French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Finnish........whatever except the two I mentioned above :ヘ:
The point is that I am not able to approve the comments which are wrote in those languages I cannot read since I cannot recognize what is written in the comments. I know that those readers wrote something very nice and maybe very useful information. So I feel so very sorry about that. If possible, please write your comment in simple English. So we all are able to share your valuable information together. And again, I am so sorry if you posted your comment in your language in the past and I didn't publish that because of the language issue. I hope you understand my circumstance.

Changing the subject, my Sakura (Japanese Cherry) trees are in full bloom! This Spring they got more flowers and its beautiful. I love Sakura soooooooo much. I hope you like them too.

Have a great weekend!

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