Thursday, April 18, 2013

Doily mini clutches for Mother's day!

I finished six mini clutches for Mother's day sale today! They are all different, one of a kind!

Pretty Spring colors and feathery hand crocheted lace doilies.

These mini clutches will be sold at Junk Evolution from next week. You will find so many cool gift items in Junk Evolution. (That is one of my most favorite shops in the town!) If you live close to South Bend, you should check it out! I am going to make some more things for Mother's day. It will be embroidery projects. I am going to share the process of the project. (I don't have any specific pictures of the design in my mind yet, though.)

We had a pretty heavy thunder storm last night. This morning when Nina and I were waiting for the school bus outside, we felt that the storm brought warmth of Spring. I wish it would stay like that from now on. We will have some more cold days this weekend. But my Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) trees have lots of buds getting colors in it :-)

Thank you for reading. And please have a happy crafty weekend!


  1. I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say your clutches are beautiful. Lovely colors.

    I am into needle felting and I loved your post about your craft store adventure in Japan. Japan has a lot of wonderful crafts to offer. :)

  2. What a pretty idea! My favorite is the green one. I will follow your advice and definitely visit Junk Evolution if I'm ever in South Bend, IN. Meanwhile, I love seeing what you're making via your blog. :)

  3. hi where do I find the pattern for the simple granny square ?