Sunday, April 7, 2013

My thrifty home decor #2

Hello everyone! We came back home from Washington DC Thursday morning. It was very very short trip to walk through DC but we surely had a great time. Unfortunately the weather was way too cold for cherry trees to start blooming. There were few trees had flowers on them but mostly the buds were just getting pink on tips.
I will write about our adventure on the trip some other time. Today I need to finish sharing some more photos of my thrifty home decor.

These are more Origami unit wall hangings in our dining room. If you want to try making these, there is my tutorial here. It will take some time to make numbers of the units, but the process is pretty simple. I hope you'll enjoy making them.

More wall decors. I save Nina's good drawings and paintings in the folder. I have a bunch, or boxes of her art. It is nice that you always have a variety of art works when you want something fresh on your wall. It is like you have your own artist in your house who works only for you! So I can refresh my wall with different art works occasionally.

Home made wall quilts and a bunting from Nina's lemonade stand at our yard sale last spring (we might be going to use this bunting again this spring?).

I like to use fabrics of big scale prints as a wall decor. These were my favorite textiles a couple years ago from IKEA. Since my husband runs house related business I put up this house print on his office wall.

In the bath room.

In our master bed room I have this re-purposed shelf. I glued some Japanese Kimono fabric in the back of the shelf. It is hard to tell from this picture, but I use old harvest basket as my jewelry storage. (Hanging necklaces from the basket handle. Rings, pins and earrings in tiny bawls on the basket tray.)

From here these pictures are all taken in Nina's room.
Cut out colorful tissue papers make a pretty pattern on a plain lamp shade.

There is another tissue paper craft. Children's books are very nice items for decorating in fun colors. You see many children's books in my house.

A glittery wire garland from a party store is good to embellish a girl's room. Nina learned to make Origami cranes and she hung them from her ceiling. (We just use colorful masking tapes to hang things from ceilings.)

And some more junks and treasures on the shelf and the wall.

What home decor idea do you have? I would love to hear about it from you! Thank you for reading. Happy Spring!

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  1. These are lovely ideas! :)
    My ten-year- old daughter loves origami and I show her your posts on origami:) ....if interested, you may see her work at