Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kimono+Beads, Hanami Picnic

A work in progress. I am making some more Japanese themed items. I attached beads embroidery on a precious Kimono fabric.

When I make a pattern I have to concentrate so much. When the pattern is done and see it works well on actual finished product, I feel relieved pretty much. That gives me confidence and satisfaction.

We had a "Hanami" picnic dinner under our cherry blossom trees a couple days ago. Hanami is the party for enjoying cherry blossoms (Sakura) in Japan. This is a super popular event for Japanese people. People really love cherry blossoms. Sakura is very special for us. I have so many memories of Sakura in my life. It is kinda sentimental thing for me. And also a historical tradition from ancient time.

We have unnaturally warm March here in Northern Indiana. All the flowers in town bloomed at a time. My Sakura trees were not exceptions. It didn't take a day from the first bloom to the full bloom! Those two trees came to our home in fall of 2010 so this was the second time of the blossom for us. I am looking forward to watching the trees growing up year by year. Those are our symbol trees.


  1. What a beautiful tradition, must be kind of like May Day . We always used to pick the early flowers and make bouquets, put them on our neighbors porches and ring the door bell (and we ran away).

    1. That is a cute mischief! I would love to be tricked by such a nice Spring fairy.