Thursday, September 8, 2011

No pattern stitches

Sometimes, I like to do embroidery without making pattern first.


It is just like free-hand drawing on fabric.

I am working hard to make new items for re-opening my Etsy shop. And I need to make more for my consignment since a couple of bags and some other things have been sold! Yepppppy!

This time of year, I have a bad allergy from ragweed or mold or something. Do you have allergy? It doesn't feel good at all to work with my nose running. The last three days were the worst. It got a little better today. I guess it is because of rain. But I did work a lot, baked a lot. So I feel pretty much contented. I hope you don't have your nose running so bad, and have a good Thursday :-)


  1. Honestly, I can't believe you stitch those gorgeous flowers without a pattern!!! I just love those leaves in the 2nd picture. So sorry to hear about your allergies. I suffered a lot when I was young, but luckily I grew out of the allergies. The only thing I'm allergic to now is brown fabric : )

  2. Thank you Krista. I am glad hear you liked the leaves embroidery. That is my favorite too. And good to hear that you have grown out of your allergies. I found hope that mine will be gone someday!