Saturday, April 23, 2011

Modern Origami Wall Decor

It has been two weeks since I wrote the last post. I had been pretty busy for about a month to prepare the event and make staff for fund raiser and so on. After those busy days, somehow, my motivation went down very low and I didn't have much energy to face to my PC. I kept working on some custom orders but it is going slow. I think I mentally have been tensed since the Earthquake hit Japan. It was unconscious though, after a month of electric period, I think my nerve got tiered out and needed some quiet time. Then I wanted to do something different. Something very simple that I can really concentrate on it.

Knitting and crocheting help calming myself down sometimes. But this time that was Origami. I made some cool wall decoration with simple origami technique and I want to introduce it to you all. Oh, and I have to tell you that it worked pretty well to recover myself from the minor depression.

These cool geometrical shapes are made of 16 units of origami. Each unit is very easy to make (actually, the red and brown one is made by my 5 year-old daughter!). It only takes half an hour to make one. Do you want to make? OK, I will write a tutorial soon on this blog.

There is another Origami wall decor. Doesn't it look like a piece of contemporary art? I just loved it. The making process was very fun and also easy. It is made of 25 units of origami. I put it up on the wall of Nina's room. I am planning to make some more of this in different colors and sizes for my living room. It seems hard to write how to make this. I might need to take video for the tutorial. I will think of that.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend. Happy Origami making!


  1. It is all so beautiful!!! I love your Easter eggs! What did you use to block the dye from the white areas? I love the way you used the resist to dye the big polka dots.

  2. Hi Krista,
    We used wax as the resist. To make those big polka dots, just dip a part of egg in melted wax. Repeat it several times and soak the egg in the dye. You can dye a egg in solid first then dip it in wax and dye it again in different color. It will make colored dots.

  3. hi! i love what you did on the wall with the origami pieces. can you please tell me how to make the flower origami you made for your daughter's room? i am planning on putting origami as wall decor in my room and ive decided to put flowers on it. thank you so much

  4. Hello anonymous visitor,
    I would like to write a tutorial of the flower wall deco. Unfortunately I am super busy right now so it seems to take some time. I hope I could post the tutorial before you really need it. Thank you so much!

  5. I know this post is really really old, but I love the origami grid of flowers you made for your daughter's room. Can you share how the flowers are made? I would LOVE to do something similar for my baby on the way