Sunday, March 27, 2011

Report of the result of the fundraiser in NYC for Japan

On the last two Saturdays the fundraiser held by my Etsy friend Aki, other Japanese Moms and some kids in NYC. Some other artists from Etsy and I donated handmade goods to the sale. There you can see pictures of what we donated at Aki's blog. They are so beautiful! It was really cold days in NYC, and it was outside event. So people helped this event must have been frozen. I appreciate their effort at raising money for Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Relief. According to the report from Aki, they raised $3,429.49 total. It is going to be donated to the American Red Cross for Japan relief. Great! I am so grateful to everyone helped and donated for Japan. I am still donating 1/2 proceeds in my Etsy shop. Please stop by and help if you can. (There are many artists donating from their proceeds on Etsy too. )

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. That's fantastic. I hope the donations keep coming.

  2. It is good to know that Fund Raising was big success!!!

    I am going to do Fund Raising this Sunday, 4/3 in Los Angeles.
    It was originally scheduled on 3/27 but we need to postpone it because of the rain.
    I really hope that many people visit and support Japan!!!!

  3. Thank you Char! I will see you tomorrow!

    Hi Hiroko-san!
    I hope the weather will be good and many people come to your sale!