Saturday, March 19, 2011


As I wrote in the last post, one of my online crafty friend Aki from Oktak organized fund raising sales in NYC. She and some other Japanese Moms held a booth at the green market in NYC today and sold some baked goods and handmade stuff. I am so impressed of Aki's quick action and leadership. They will have another sale next Saturday as well, so I made some accessories and sent them out to NY yesterday.  I didn't have much time to prepare many goods for the sale but I made six crochet necklaces and eight felt brooches. I am glad that I could do something with them. Actually it is not only for helping the victims in Japan but it is for myself to calm down. I needed to move rather than just worrying. And it really worked to me.

The brooches are made of felt. It was a No-Sew project. I needed to make as many as possible so I picked out this method. It is very easy to make but the finished brooch look so cute. I would love to write a tutorial of this sometime soon.

I used Japanese lace yarn in my stash which has some bright accent colors in white. I simply crochet it with single crochet stitches and many picots. I added little flower motifs on both ends of the necklace.

It can be used as a long necklace or a neckband. And also could be a unique bracelet.

I liked this necklace a lot. So after I sent out the package which contains these items I made, I made another one for myself. I still have some yarn left. I probably will make some more for my Etsy shop.

Aki and Moms sold many many stuff and they made more than $1300 today! Awesome! And a lot of people donated money for Japan! Thank you so much New Yorkers! And you ladies did a super good job today. They will have another sale next Saturday and there will be my stuff and beautiful items from other talented artists. If you are in NYC please don't miss it! There is more info about the sale in Aki's blog. She is also donating 1/2 of the proceeds of her Etsy shop for Japan relief. Her purses are beautiful and stylish. And I am still donating 1/2 of sales of my Etsy shop too. Please stop by and help if you can.

Did you see the moon tonight? It is so bright and beautiful. Thank you for reading and have a super-Moon good night.


  1. Hi Char and Linda,
    yap, I have been busy making stuff! I am working on recycled purse right now!