Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini Boston Bag for Kid

As I mentioned in the last post I am going to show the bag I made with the embroidery which is designed by my daughter Nina.

This looks like an ordinary Boston bag. But there is one uncommon feature in this bag.

That is the size. This bag is very small for a Boston bag.

 I made this for my daughter, and it was also an experimental project. I have been planning to produce a line of bags for children for my shop. I want to make something quality like grown-ups even want to have. I want children to have something well made which they can learn the goodness of hand craft. Then I thought of reducing the size of bags without losing the detail and its quality. It was  pretty hard to sew small details like a zip pocket and organize all the complicated seam allowances inside. There are some problems I need to solve yet. But I learned a lot from this project and I got some good ideas in my crafty brain.

The front fabric which has the embroidery on is a Japanese linen blend. I just love these white polka dots on baby blue and the feel of linen blend. I used a cotton velvet for a gusset and handles. And baby pink zipper for the opening. The flower looking felt piece is a little removable brooch. I made a yo-yo with wool felt and put a vintage glass button in the center.

There is a zip pocket on the back. The pocket opening measures only 4 inches but it is a decent pocket. Nina can store her valuable plastic jewelries in that safe pocket and carry them around with her.

The lining is adorable. It is a Japanese"Kawaii(cute)" type of cotton print featuring little fawn and lots of hearts. There is also a simple pocket with my shop label inside. I made it just like I always do for bags for grown-up ladies.

Here is the big smile of my recipient and co-designer. She gave me a big hug and a lot of kisses. I'm the happiest crafty Mom.

By the way, I made another bag for MYSELF with the Dogwood embroidery. This is a little sneak peek of the finished bag. I will write about it next time.

Thank you for reading. Have a great crafty dream everyone.


  1. I LOVE the Nina bag! I enjoyed the embroidery, but the final product is amazing!!!

  2. This is a cute bag for your daughter! I can see the co-designer is REALLY happy to have got it:)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the purse with the Dogwood embroidery soon!

  3. Hi Marjorie,
    There will be more bags for children from now. Please stay tuned! Thank you.

    Thank you PortulaKa!
    I will post about a new bag hopefully tonight or next morning!

  4. My daughter likes being my "guinea pig" too. The purse came out lovely, and is definitely worth her lovely smile.

  5. Lovely! You do such pretty work. I think it is fantastic to have such beautifully made bags for little girls. I cannot wait to see your dogwood bag, though!!

  6. Thank you Girls!
    New children bags are on the way Now! I am working on some fairy tale themed applique. I need to modify the pattern a little bit. It will be showing up soon hopefully.

  7. LOVE this little embroidered purse!! So cute! I'm linking to your blog today in my second "Walk Around Blog Land."

  8. Hello Shore Girl!
    Thank you for including my blog in your fabulous Walk Around Blog Land. The blogs you picked were all wonderful! I am so proud to be in it. Thank you so much.