Monday, February 7, 2011

Princess Palace

Please let me show you what we built on snow days last week. It is a Castle. Nina was given this Princess Palace last Saturday by her grandma's best friend "Grandma" Vivian. And it was just perfect for us and perfect timing too! We just needed this to have some fun in the house on these No school days.

This castle is made of durable cardboards and 1,500(!) pieces of mosaic stickers. It was too hard to assemble all the parts and build the structure for a five years old. But if you, parents were crafty or just like to create something with your hands, it would be perfect as a family activity for a boring week end. Kids can help finding out which parts goes where, and actually putting all the mosaics on is simple but really a big job which you all can be involved in.

Look at all the detail on the walls. And on the balcony, there are........

How romantic is this! And this is what's going on in the top of the tower ( ;-o)

I love that they designed the entrance to have a "marble" step under the door. I love the heart shaped windows, and purple 3D flowers climbing up the walls.

I guess everybody has spent about three hours to finish this! You know, sometimes very simple work can be addictive :-)

Thank you Grandma Vivian! We love our Palace.

I hope you all have a happy crafting week !


  1. How fun is that? Way to go getting that done!

  2. I'm sure that Nina Loves it! It's a beautiful Palace!

  3. Did you like it? Thank you so much!