Saturday, January 29, 2011

What I made with the wild flowers embroidery piece

You probably saw this in my shop or Flickr already, I made a clutch bag with this piece of embroidered wild flowers. For the body I used a gray cotton duck canvas and add a vintage button on the flap.

The bag has two closures. One is a set of magnetic snaps for the flap and another one is a zipper for the body opening. Picking zipper color is pretty much fun to me. I usually use YKK brand zippers but it is a shame that I cannot get  them at local stores around here. So I always have to order them online. I like this brand because of the quality of their product.

The lining is a cotton duck print. I always love to have something a bit surprising for the lining as well. I like this print and I think it worked out well. There is a pocket inside with another fun colored quality zipper!

 I hope you like what I did with my flower embroidery! I am working on a new embroidery project now. I think I could show it to you soon hopefully in the next post : )

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