Saturday, January 1, 2011

What we eat for the New Year Day in Japan

How was your New Year Day?
We invited a couple of friends (they are Americans) over and had a Japanese  traditional New Year Day dinner with them. These on the large plate are mostly preservable food which are cooked with sugar, soy sauce and sake. Ingredients are fish pastes, eggs, beans, seaweeds, sweet potatoes, chestnuts and  so on. And we also have fresh vegetables like Daikon radish and carrots salad, and some salted herring roes.

In my family, we always have this dish which is called "Chikuzen-ni" for New Year. This has many kinds of vegetables and chicken meat simmered with sugar, soy sauce and sake. And also we have a simple soup of Mochi (Rice cake) , chicken and some green vegetables like spinach. All the families have a little different traditions and it is also varied depending on where in Japan they live.

 This is Chikuzen-ni I cooked this year. It is kinda hard to make it tastes same every year. But it turned very well this time so I am going to record how I cooked it for next year. Everything is very healthy.

I am so glad our guests loved the look and taste of my food, and we had great time to celebrate the start of 2011. It is very fortunate that I have my family and friends all healthy and welcome new year with them.


  1. Everything looks so perfect! Beautiful presentation. I hope I can visit Japan one day for the fabric and the food! Happy New Year.

  2. That looks amazing, just as beautiful as your needlework! Its hard to get japanese food in the north east of the UK so I've hardly ever had any but you've made me want to hunt some down.

  3. A Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます。

    Everything looks very yummy:) I wish I could get those Japanese vegitables and food here but hard to find.


  4. Hello Poppyprint!
    I would love to go on a tour of Japan with fabric lovers in US! (o^-^o) For craft shopping and food! Sounds so much fun!

    Hi sebbie!
    How about meeting at Tokyo airport and we (from US and UK)tour around all together! (o^-^o)

  5. What a wonderful idea, fabric and food. I wish air fares were cheaper!

  6. Hello PortulaKa!
    We need to drive two and half hours to Chicago getting these special Japanese food. I wish we could get more fresh authentic Japanese food here in Indiana too. But I guess you had a lot of yummy food when you were in Japan recently.