Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for Beading

A day before yesterday, I got a call from my neighbor Indie. She invited us to the dinner next evening (which was yesterday) at the college where she works (as a dance teacher). And I happened to know it is for her birthday. She and her family are so nice and good friends of us. Their daughter often babysit my daughter and they are very good friends too. I wanted to give Indie a handmade birthday gift and I asked my daughter Nina what I should make for her. She said "a necklace" and "Indie will say, Oh, its beautiful!" So I decided to make a necklace following Nina's advice. I kinda whipped it up because I didn't have much time. The materials are almost same as this pendant I made before.

I wrapped it up with pretty sheets of papers which is designed Amy Butler. And as Nina expected, Indie said " Thank you, it is so beautiful!" I was so glad she liked my gift and had a good birthday.

Today, I made another beaded jewelry. It is a brooch. This one has totally different colors but I used the same method. These beads remind me beach glasses and the dazzle of the sunlight playing on the water.

This brooch is listed on my Etsy shop. And there are more pictures of this and that item in my Flickr pool as usual.

Thank you all for reading this and have a great Friday!


  1. I love the brooch it is so fresh and alive and sparkles. Beautiful colors. The necklace is also very nice.

  2. Thank you Poppyprint!
    And thank you Heather Beading for stopping by.
    It is always nice to know there are some people who like my work. Very encouraging.