Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to crochet and knit

It has been pretty warm for Halloween here in Michiana. But eventually it went back to normal which means we needed a thicker jacket when we went out for trick or treating. And that also means it is time to play with yarns. I have three projects going on my needles and hooks right now.

This one is going to be a vest. The pattern has two different pretty patterns so it is so enjoyable to crochet.

This is almost done. One day Nina asked me to make a pair of ear warmers. And this is it. I used double knitting yarn so it was very fast to finish. The circular motif is very simple to crochet and it is cute. This could be a last minutes handmade gift for Christmas, I thought.

And this is going to be a Men's scarf. I hope I finish it up soon. Because it could be a gift for my husband for our anniversary on November 9th. If I couldn't finish? I don't know......could be a gift for Thanks giving? Silly....Anyways, It is a pretty simple pattern to knit, and it has kinda masculine look.

Do you have something on your needles? Happy knitting and crocheting!

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