Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exhibit my bags at Gallery / Business Card Case

There is a gallery in Down Town South Bend called Circa Arts Gallery. They exhibit and sell quality pieces of local artists'. This is my favorite gallery so I visit there once a while to amuse my eyes and shop gifts or something for myself. And their next door is also my favorite store Junk Evolution. They sell up-cycled vintage things and create nice home decor.

 I am glad to tell you that I 'm going to show my bags in Circa Arts Gallery for Down Town South Bend event Holiday Art Walk. My stuff will be there on Dec 2nd through Dec 4th. Holiday Art Walk is on Saturday, and also we will have another annual event DTSB First Fridays on Friday. It means many people will see my things through the events. I am pretty much excited about it.

The offer came up suddenly last Thursday, so things I can show are the bags from my Etsy shop and a few more I newly have made for the event. After the events, I am going to make more and hope to keep providing good products constantly for Circa.

* * * * * * * *

By the way, for starting business, I made my business cards for promotion. Then I wanted a little case for carrying my cards with me. I remembered that I bought a plastic card case at Nelie Rubina which is a hand craft shop my friend Yasuko owns in Yokohama Japan. I made a cover with scrap felt sheets.

We are going to Batesville in South Indiana to visit our relatives for Thanks Giving. It is going to be about four hours drive. We'll stay over night and come back on Friday. I will update about several things I made for exhibition then. Thank you for reading and wish everyone have a happy Thanks Giving!

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