Sunday, November 14, 2010

This busy weekend

We had a really busy weekend. For four years, since my nephew Nick became a member of  the Notre Dame marching band, we have been attending to the home game week public band rehearsals as audience. It has been our pleasure to see the big band marching around the beautiful campus. And especially to see our nphew playing one of those big drums in it! We always look forward to do this every fall. And it was the last home game week. We went to see it on this Friday indeed, and it was also the last home game rehearsal for Nick. He is senior this year.

There come the Irish guards. 

All seniors lined up in front of the audience. I sew some Moms of band members visiting campus were moved to tears. I really understood that feeling. I love to see young people dedicating themselves to something. Thank you guys for entertaining us every year. We'll see you next fall again!

And on Saturday, Nina attended to the birthday party of her classmate's in the morning at a bowling alley. 
It was a very well organized party, kids lined up and went in the glowing mini golf course first,  and had some snacks and cakes, then lined up again to walk down to the bowling area. Nina and all the kids had so much fun playing bawling. I think you can tell how excited she was from this picture.

Look at this pose! I think she doesn't like this picture herself, but it is so funny (and cute) so I had to show it to you! We all had fun so much.

After the party, in a hurry, we headed for the ballet rehearsal of the Nutcracker Nina is going to be in next month. The performance will be on Dec 10th -12th, so now we have two rehearsals in a week.

When we were waiting for the rehearsal, little ballerinas are enchanted by a young ballerina practicing her part in the performance. I couldn't resist to catch that sight in my camera. It was kinda dreamy to me and heartwarming.

A very busy weekend is over. And a busier week is now starting! Phew!

Thank you for reading. I hope you will have a happy busy week!

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