Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finished Colorful Dots Applique Tote

This is the finished tote bag! I am glad the handles look nice and fun. I made those handles a little long so it will work well as a shoulder bag as well.

The back. There is no dots on the back but I made a pull tab charm for the zipper pocket. It looks festive! I love the green zipper showing off a bit.

There is a little charm for top opening zipper too. 

Playing with good felt is so much fun. I could make many of these charms all day long. I used purple polka dot print for the lining. It will amuse you every time you open the zip pocket.

The view from the top. The gusset measures 4inches so the bag is pretty much roomy to hold your stuff.

 There are two pockets inside and purple polka dot again! This fabric is bought in Japan many years ago. I loved this fabric. But it is almost gone now. I'm a bit sad but the bag looks gorgeous so I am very happy that I found a proper use for it.

This bag is now listed on my Etsy shop. Happy Holidays everyone!