Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apple Picking

 We went Apple Picking to a orchard in Michigan last weekend. It was a very warm beautiful day. It seemed we were having the last day of the Summer.

They had 5-6 different kinds of apples. We enjoyed tasting all kinds. All the apples tasted so fresh (of course!) and juicy. What breed of Apple do you like? I like Red and Yellow Delicious pretty much, and my husband's favorite is Gala.

Hey ride to the place we pick apples!

It was a fun and yummy family activity. Thank you Springhope Farm! Next we gotta go pumpkin picking pretty soon. It is the harvest season!


  1. We did a blind taste test of apples last fall with the family. 2 of us like Cameo best and 2 like Johnagold & Pink Lady. My daughter says the Johnagold "tastes like rain".

  2. Hi Marjorie!
    I don't think I have had Cameo.It doesn't seem very common in this area.I will try it when I see it at our local store.

    I cannot imagine how rain tastes like. Maybe I should try to taste it, too. I love that kids sometimes say something very unique which grownups never think. It is so cute!