Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Applique Wool Tote

I finished the Applique Tote yesterday.

I used light blue wool for the gusset.The handles are braided tapes.

The wool on wool felt applique in front, and in back, there is an outside pocket trimmed with Japanese linen/cotton flower print.

I made a zipper slider charm with wool felt. Repeated same motif from the applique. Fun!

Lining is the Japanese linen/cotton again. I love this print. I wish I bought it a lot more in Japan this summer.

 It took longer to sew it up than I expected because of the thickness of the materials. But it turned out very well. It is pretty sturdy and beautifully made.

Actually, I have been preparing to open my own online store for months. It has been going slow though. Right now, I am working pretty hard for it in both physically and mentally. There are always some patterns and designs flying around in my brain. I am going to sell my "one of a kind" handmade stuff and patterns and instructions for crafting. I would like to open the shop as soon as possible. My goal is to make it happen at least in 2010. If I was so good and had enough time, it could be in October.......Hmmmm.......
I will update what is going on anyway. Keep it up Me!


  1. Hi Hibilabo-san! Thanks for visiting my blog. This is a beautiful tote! Will you be opening a shop on Etsy or launch your own online store?
    It's not easy selling handmade in today's economic climate, but hopefully more people will appreciate the value of handmade items in a world full of cheap, mass-produced and easily thrown-away products.

  2. oktak さん、こんにちは。ブログ読んでくださってありがとうございます。そうなんです。1年くらい前からEtsyやろうか、と思い始めて、いろいろリサーチしてるうちにoktak さんのことも知り、よくブログを読ませていただいてます。このご時世でハンドメイド品の市場が厳しいのはよくわかります。わたしなど、ビジネスにはまったく向いてない性質の人間なので、もともとこれをビジネスとして大きくしようなどとは思っていないのですが、ものを作っている以上、発表する場が欲しい、というのが第一の理由です。日本では手芸本の仕事をしていたので、出版や個展などで発表の場はそこそこあったものですから。