Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rope Basket Making Class

The end of July, I taught a class of rope basket making at Junk Evolution. When I saw this "rope coil vessels tutorial" at a very talented artist Lisa's beautiful blog "the red thread" I was absolutely fascinated with it. I couldn't help rushing out to find a cotton clothesline! Before long, when I was asked to teach a class by Char, one of the owners of Junk Evolution, I thought this must be a perfect project for a one day (actually it was about two hours ;D ) craft class for everyone. I made a few basket beforehand and figured out some easier ways for me to make them in the process. So I changed a several things in my instructions for my class.

There were six wonderful participants. They were absolutely nice and brilliant ladies. we worked in the store surrounded with neat vintage furniture and many other cool stuff. (Their theme of August is "Mid-century-modern" which I definitely adore!)

I brought embroidery threads in lots of colors. The container full of beautiful threads was a Christmas gift for me from Char. It made our project much more fun!

Everyone seemed fascinated at their work so much.

It was so interesting to me seeing the colors they chose. I discovered that some new color combinations (which I usually don't pick out) were actually very pretty.

Orange and Gray.

Rainbow and green.

Yellow, orange and navy.

These are not very unique, but I always love blue+green.

And combining similar colors always gets a good result.

These are the samples I made. Yellow+gray is my recent favorite colors. (It's weird that yellow hasn't been my favorite in my life. People's taste changes sometimes.)

No one could finish their work in the class. They took materials home to finish their baskets. They might have made another one at home. I think everyone in the class had a good time and I hope that you enjoyed reading this as well.

School will resume tomorrow. I am glad to get back to my normal schedule and spend more time for myself but in the meantime I feel sad a little bit that the Summer will be gone soon.

I hope you are having a good Summer as we are. Thank you for reading. Happy basket making!!

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