Sunday, December 29, 2013

Drawstring pouch made of one square fabric

 I am editing a tutorial for making this adorable drawstring pouch. I've been wanting to share this tutorial in the blog. The structure of the pouch looks complicated at first sight. I know, it would be unbelievable to you ladies, if I say it is very easy to make. And this is made of only ONE piece of square fabric. But I am not lying at all! The pouch has two out side pockets which are covered by two flaps look like pretty flower petals. I am going to share the tutorial of making this magical cute thing in the next post. So please stay tuned and make it your first project of the new year 2014!

The process of making this cute pouch is only two things. Folding a square fabric like Origami and a bit of sewing. This particular method is applicable to any sizes of squares. No need to cut and assemble numbers of parts at all. This is a very quick project.

Super cute, huh?

Flips look like flower petals.

Perfect for carrying bits and pieces in your purse. Or organizing your supplies for sewing.

All right! I made one last blog update just in time in 2013 as I promised! (Do you think I'm cheating by posting only a preview of the tutorial?) The next post will be coming real soon.

This is going to be my last post in this year. Sometimes life is tough. And I often complain about that. But I really think I should be very grateful that my family spent another safe year. I hope you had a safe and peaceful year as well, and will have a wonderful new year. I am also grateful that many many people around the world visited this little creative space of mine and inspired me a lot. Thanks so much you all and have a Happy New Year.



  1. I can't wait to see your tutorial! Looks like a fun class at j.E.!

    1. Hi Char,
      If we could have a few sewing machines!

  2. Oh! I want to make one for my Sister In Law and Niece...They have just started knitting and one of these would be perfect for a project bag...can't wait for the tutorial...this is soooo cute!

    1. Hello Jeannie,
      Happy new year! Thank you for stopping by. It will be coming soon!