Monday, October 21, 2013


Hi everyone! We are having a pretty mild Fall this year here in North Indiana. The trees are slowly getting Autumn colors. This is the view from the Cathedral window in my living room. Love the colorful leaves shining in the sunshine.

It has been many many things going on around myself. I'll just show and tell you some of things I am having here.

My new work room move is still in progress and it is taking shape little by little. I know! It is taking too long. I just don't want to make myself stressed out since this is the busiest time of the year. I have a so very long "TO DO" list and it seems that I will never be able to finish. Just thinking of that even make me feel stressed! ( I know many of you have the same feeling right now! ) But there are definitely some progresses I can see!

I got quite a large "new" dresser and now use the top of that as a cutting table. And I made a Mood board on the wall above that. I am going to share the detail and a short tutorial for making it later. This project is super easy, you can make your mood board instantly using papers and some Washi tapes. (This is not a board for pinning stuff. Only for Washi taping.)

In the room, there are several projects going on. Editing a new sewing pattern is one of them.

Crocheting with twines. I am preparing to share a tutorial for making really pretty things with this utility yarn.

 I found this beautiful dress at my local thrift store.

 Look at this pretty detail of the cotton lace on the bottom! This material is perfect for making things for Christmas! Can't wait to start!

 I finished the legwarmers I was working on. Now Nina can wear them for warming up at her ballet lessons. I want to make another pair of "Ballet Pink" ones next time. (Did you know there is a color called "Ballet Pink"? That is a common word among Moms whose kids do ballet.)

Nina asked me to embellish her dress for the school picture day. The dress was given by her Dad last Christmas. It has small stars in a dark navy back ground which looks like a little polka dots from far. She thought that is a bit too plain for the photo shooting so she suggested to add some lace tapes on it. I sewed narrow lace tapes I had in my stash on the front body of the dress.

I purchased some vintage goodies from my favorite boutique in the town JUNK EVOLUTION. A fun blue trivet which shaped like silverware. A primitive geometric pattern silk scarf. And a thing looks like a wire basket I actually don't know what it is. But I just needed to get that. Because.......because I am pretty much obsessed with collecting baskets. It is hard for me to resist getting them when I found pretty or unusual baskets. Is this a basket for collecting eggs? Or a strainer? If you know what this thing is for, please let me know. I will appreciate it! (^o<)

There is one more thing to tell you. I might have written this before. My husband runs a small real estate business. We buy abandoned houses and remodel them. Then rent them out. This is the picture of the house he newly purchased....... I made the image relatively small. Because it is not a pretty picture. I did not want to disgust you with it. I am guessing that the previous owner might have been a hoarder. This mess will be taken care of by the seller before all the procedure completes. The structure and design of this house don't look bad. This will be a pretty nice house after all next Spring (I hope!).

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a nice week! See you soon!


  1. Hi! I'm Vicky, from Hokkaido!

    I think your basket thing is an old salad spinner - you wash the leaves then put them in the basket and swing it round over your head (outside!!)

  2. Hello Vicky!
    Thank you for your quick response to my question! A salad spinner was one of the answers I expected. In the old days homemakers were used to getting wet sometimes from spinning leaves over their head! But I think that was a great invention!
    I am so happy to have you here, Vicky. I visited your blog and could tell that you are enjoying your life very much in Hokkaido with your loved ones. I have visited Hokkaido twice long long ago. It is one of the beautiful places in Japan. Also I love your home country England. I have visited there three times and I loved that!
    Thank you for stopping by and please come back again. Have a nice day!