Monday, March 18, 2013

Embroider Letters. And other projects

I started a new project. It is letter embroidery. It is a time consuming project but the result is satisfying so far. I am having fun to pick different colors for each letters and it is a peaceful moment stitching alone in the quiet room.

Meanwhile, there are several other projects going on. Black crocheted flowers attached to a fabric with some colors. This is my first experience using a burlap as a foundation of an applique project ( I could name that a "crochet" project, too. Or a "beads embroidery", maybe? ).

This cute animal print has been stored in my stash basket for many years. When my daughter was two or three, I saw this cotton at the store and fell in love with it. It supposed to become a baby quilt for my girl many years ago. And finally! I started to cut and sew that a week ago!

Now I am in the middle of quilting the animal print coordinated with a couple of different solid colors. It is going pretty slowly. But finishing this quilt by end of March is my goal (for now.....).

Did you already see any signs of Spring? Here in Northern Indiana, Spring seems too shy to show up. It is wavering at the corner of my street. We have long Winter so that makes me love more to play with delightful colors in my work!  What project is on your table now? I hope you enjoy your colors on your work as well. Thank you for reading. Have a great week!


  1. Your embroidered letters sure are pretty. I am working on some crocheting and some applique.

    1. Hello Carrie P.,
      Crochet and applique are my favorite techniques! I visited your blog and it is very informative. And I also recycle green onions, too (^o^). Thank you for leaving a nice comment.

  2. I can't wait to see these projects when they are completed! Especially the black embroidery !


  3. How interesting, I admire you letters embroidery, so fine stitches! And the black project looks very intriguing.
    Spring is shy and late here as week, there was still snow in some parts of Italy just 2 days ago.

    1. Hello blandine,

      I have never been to Italy but wishing for! You must be in the North part of Italy? Hope you'll see some fresh green and flowers soon. Thank you for your kind comment!