Friday, February 8, 2013

Nina's Lesson Bag

 We are a busy family. Especially Nina is very busy. If Nina was busy her mom inevitably gets busy as well. Since an year ago, Nina has two after school activities a week regularly. Piano lessons and ballet classes. Occasionally she gets some other events going at the same time. In December she had her ballet production "the Nut Cracker" and it was a bug hustle for all three of us (probably not much for Tim). And right now, Nina is rehearsing for the civic theater's kids' musical "Disney the Little Mermaid Jr.". The production will be opening on February 22nd and there will be eight shows through Feb 26th. I will be helping the costume sewing (I raised my hand to volunteer and am waiting fro the call from the theater ). The time management is a big part of my job and I am not very good at that kind of job so my life has been a mess these couple weeks and until the production gets over. But we are enjoying these kinds of activities so much. Since Tim and I both majored in theater. ( I was a dancer and he was an actor!) All the processes are familiar to us and seeing it makes us remember our good old days!

In such busy days, I am still sewing and  making. I made this bag for Nina. This is designed for carrying her stuff for her lessons.

When she goes to the rehearsals she can store her script, a notebook, pencils, a home work from school, and a water bottle. There are some more room for her ballet shoes and also for some snacks. Her piano manual fits perfect in this bag as well.

The badge on the bag is Nina's handmade. I put a set of badge making kit in her Christmas stocking and she made a cute kitty badge. There is a large outside pocket and the handles are made with an used belt which I fond at a thrifty store.

I love this vibrant colored polka dots fabric. It is cute but doesn't look too childish. The size seems very versatile. When I finished this bag, I really thought I have to make one for myself!
Nina is trying to make her role in the show shine and she is enjoying the process of building a show with other people. We think that is a great educational occasion and we hope to support her and the production as much as we can.

Thank you for reading! Have a pretty weekend, you all!


  1. Pretty please could we have the pattern?

    X Julia

  2. Hi Julia,
    Making a pattern for this project is now on my "to do" list. Thank you for your nice comment.

  3. Great Hiromi, thanks so much! I think it's such a useful design and can't wait to try it. I already have some idea on which fabric I will use. Nina looks like a great kid.

    X, Julia