Monday, January 9, 2012

My Little Camera Case / Knitting Pattern

I knitted a camera case for my Nikon Coolpix yesterday. I thought of this project idea accidentally. I was going to knit a pair of socks for Nina. She just started taking skating classes and she needs warm, thick socks for that. I got this cheap yarn from somewhere before and started knitting. As soon as I started, I found the yarn feels too hard and no comfort because of its quality. I was already done making a picot edge. I didn't want to unravel that. I stared at the thing on my needles for a while and I discovered the way not to waste this thing. It was my camera case.

The picot hem is lovely. I like the well-finished look of the edge.
Here is the written pattern for this project. Please change your needle size or gauge according to the dimension of your camera. My camera measures 3 1/2"x2 1/4"x5/8"(9cmx5.5cmx1.5cm).

Gauge: 4.5stitches / inch
Needles: five double pointed needles #3 (3.25mm)

Cast on 40 stitches. Arrange sts evenly on 4 dpn. Join carefully not to twist sts. Work stockinette stitch 5rows (or until the length gets to 3/4") for the facing.

Work a turning round as follows *K2tog, yo; repeat from *

Picot edge (hem): Work the same number of rounds (stockinette sts) as in the facing, then fold facing along turning round to inside of hem, and attach as follows :
Pick up the edge of the first cast-on stitch and knit this together with the first stitch on the needle. Continue around in this manner, working the edge of the corresponding cast-on stitch together with the stitch on the needle.

Work stockinette sts until piece measures 3 1/2"or desired length. (The length depends on the size of your camera.)

Grafting: Place stitches to be joined onto two needles (20sts on each needle). Graft with Kitchener stitch.

Loop: Attach yarn on the edge at 1/2" from the center of the width. Crochet chain sts until string measures about 5"long. Sew the end of string to the edge at 1" from where chain started.

Sew a button on the middle of the case.


This project is versatile. It can be a cellphone case, a business card case, or an ipad sleeve by changing dimensions. Enjoy making your knitted case for whatever you want. I think I have to go down to my workroom and find better yarn for making Nina's socks.