Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Fired Up!

Hello 2012! I hope you all are enjoying the start of the new year. I fixed a little Japanese traditional new year dishes. This year we didn't have any guests so I cooked just a few dishes to celebrate the new year.

We didn't have much snow in December (actually it was unusually dry!) but eventually we had a big snow storm yesterday. I guess it went up to about 6" deep. Kids around here were super excited. They have been waiting for this moment since the Winter break started. They played crazy in the snow like puppies.

Sledding in the driveway

And as I wrote in the last post, I already started making things and improving our home! This is the pants I finished last night for Nina. She needs some more pair of pants as her school uniform. I cannot find uniform pants which are made of warm fabric at any stores. So I decided to make them and making by myself takes less time than looking for perfect ones from stores.

I like the detail of this pattern. This is the front. Look at the front panel, buttons, and a tiny pocket. How cute.

This is the back. I like the york and the slit pockets. It was a bit difficult to sew. I think it is because of the material I used. Corduroy was a little too thick for this design. It was fun to learn the structure of this kind of pocket. I definitely make another pair soon.

The pattern is in this Japanese sewing book. "Easy and Neat, Girls' clothes Boys' clothes"

I changed the length of these pants.
The school resume tomorrow. I expected Nina to wear these for school tomorrow. But Nina liked it when she tried them on this morning. So she went sledding in her new pants and she is still in those.

And I also made some more large sized Furoshiki yesterday. I have sold lots of Furoshiki last year. I am glad that people are interested in this eco-friendly Japanese culture.

We re-painted the bathroom, too. My husband replaced an old light. The bathroom looks fresh and cleaner now.

A little helper.

We already achieved pretty much in these first three days of the year! It seems we all fired up for our resolution!


  1. Lovely pants ! Woo! Your little girl has grown up and she is very pretty !

  2. Thanks PY. I am glad to hear from you! Oh, yes, she is a big girl now. She is getting picky about what she wares! I have to follow her favor when I make her clothes!
    I hope you have a wonderful new year.