Friday, January 20, 2012

Gum Drop Mobile Sculpture

Ascend to December, my husband and daughter built some pyramids and other shaped sculptures with gum drop candies and toothpicks. It was for Nina to learn Math and Geometry. (My husband had worked as a math education specialist for long time. It was always his dream to tutor his own child someday. And his dream has come true after many many years!)  Those sculptures were sitting on the kitchen table for a while because I loved the colors and shapes so I didn't want to throw away. 

One day in the last week, I happened to think of making a mobile with them. Then I made it right away. And it worked! I hanged it from the ceiling in our family room with fishing lines.

If you had some left over gum drops from a project of ginger bread house, you should try this. It is so easy and a fun project to do with your kids.

Happy crafting with kids!

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