Thursday, October 6, 2011

It is not about Halloween.

No, this is not about Halloween at all!

No, No, I am not trying to scare you even I am showing some pictures of this horrible haunted look house.

I know, I know. It is a frightful looking garage.

Actually, it was pretty much scary when we bought this big old house back in February. You probably would not believe that we bought such a nasty old house. But we did. My husband Tim has been involved in real estate business these years. He buys houses and renovates them to sell or rent. We have three houses already renovated and rented right now. There is one more small house waiting to be repaired besides this big old house. 

This house is one of the historical houses in South Bend. It is about 90 years old and has great Arts and crafts workmanship everywhere.

Tim started working on this old house in April. It was a quite big job to him. There were so many troubles and difficulties. It took whole six months, and last week, he have made it FINALLY!

I proudly show you how the house looks like right now. Here it is! Please compare to the "before" photo!



The house looks beautiful now. It has got a new roof, new windows, new trim paint and new land scape! It looks so classic and welcoming.

I arranged all the plants in the front yard. I brought warm and delightful feeling with Autumn colors.

We had the first open house last Sunday. We got lots of good reviews from customers. And some people came to see the house after the open house. We are going to have another open house this Sunday afternoon again. I hope many potential buyers will be coming to see this beautiful historical home.

There are so many nice elements inside too. We asked professional interior designers to stage inside this house. There are cool furniture and decorations. I would love to show it to you soon in another post.

At last I am proud of Tim that he kept trying and eventually finished this huge project. Oh, when the house is sold, I will be more proud of you of course!! ;-p 

Thank you for reading. I will update about my Etsy shop in the next post. Happy Thursday!

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  1. Wow!!! That is an incredible amount of work. Did he restore the garage, too? I love it when people have the vision to save beautiful old houses. Thank you for sharing these photos. I would LOVE to see some interior shots, too!