Friday, July 1, 2011


I cannot believe it is July already! It's been two weeks since my last post? OK, I know that the time flies like a jet especially after the last day of school. To be honest, I don't feel I achieved much in these weeks. Well, I collected some pictures of activities which has been going around here. Let's see where my time flew away. Maybe I will find something meaningful I have accomplished : )

Field day at school.

The kindergarten graduation.

Nina's 6 years old Birthday party.

We traced Nina's whole body on a big paper.

This is the real size Nina portrait!

We did Tie-dye. The bigger one is made for Nina's best friend and the best baby sitter Wilhe!
The small one is for Nina herself.

We got a kit of making a sun catcher. Nina picked out this "Sun and Moon" design. The color scheme is her own. She didn't want to follow the original color scheme.

And this one, you wouldn't believe this, but it was made about 40 years ago by Nina's Dad! It is still here and in a very good condition!

I did some yard sale shopping. These are some of things I found. A wooden bucket and a set of two Fire King mixing bowls.

I made a crocheted dog for Nina. It took only one hour to finish.

The pattern is from this book. There are many cute dog patterns in it. And those are all quick projects.

We are going to attend my brother in law's wedding soon. Nina is going to be a flower girl. She is required to wear a white dress. So I am making it. Actually it is finished a couple days ago. I just can't have a chance for photo shooting. The weather is pretty nasty here now. These flowers are already sewn on the dress. It is designed by Nina. she is a pretty strict designer for me (I am her seamstress). I will show you the dress when I got some good pictures. I promise.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a good holiday!


  1. My you have been busy and having a great time with Nina! We missed you last night. How was your first vacation?


  2. Hi Char,
    I am sorry that I missed the first Friday this month! I really wanted to come, but we had a big party at my parents in law's in Michigan today. We needed to get ready. We had a great party and watched a great fire works show at Diamond Lake. I hope you had as many people as usual came in last night for First Fridays! We will be going to North Carolina on 13th then heading to Japan. I will come to see you once before I leave!