Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Frame Purse / Chrysanthemum

 I sold some items at Circa Arts Gallery in Down Town. So I made this frame purse to restock my table in the gallery. The technique I used is silk ribbon embroidery. The chemistry between ribbon embroidery and crazy quilt is very good. So this bag has some elements of Victorian style crazy patchwork quilt. The flower I embroidered with ribbon is a Japanese chrysanthemum.

The exterior of this bag is 100% silk. I used three different colors of silk Dupioni for the base of silk ribbon embroidery. Each patchwork pieces are trimmed with several different stitches which look like lace edgings.
I made the handle long enough for hanging from shoulders. The oblong shape of the body makes the bag pretty roomy so it is big enough to carry your wallet, cellphone, a little cosmetic pouch, a pair of glasses, a pocket book and maybe some more.The body is reinforced with fleece. It makes it sturdy and protects contents in the bag.

On the back I simply patched strips of silk and added some lacy stitches.

The liner is cotton canvas geometric print and there is one pocket inside.

The finished bag looks very chic and modern even though I used a kind of an old-fashioned technique.

I would love to have this bag as my personal belonging if there is nobody wants to buy it. Well, I should hope it to be sold for my business though ;-p I will try to make some more purses to sell before we go to Japan (Oh, didn't I tell you? We will make it again this Summer, yeah! ). 

Hope you all have a happy weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. Another gorgeous bag! The silk ribbon embroidery is exquisite. It is wonderful that you will visit your friends and family in Japan this summer!

  2. 菊のシルクリボン刺繍がとても古風な雰囲気で、上品なバッグととても合っていますね。

  3. Thank you Krista,
    We are so excited about going to Japan! I will bring back some supplies and fabrics from Japan. I cannot wait to report our trip to everybody who visits here!

  4. Hi PirtulaKa!
    自分用はもうひとつ別に作ればいいんですが、なかなか時間が取れませんよね。I wish I had spare time to make another one for myself!

  5. 刺繍といい、シルクのパッチワークといい、がまぐちといい、内側のレトロな感じのデザインの布地といい、どれをとってもとても素敵です。かばん大好きな私にとって、ご自分で作ってしまうHiromiさんがうらやましいわ。こんなかばんなら出かけるのも楽しいでしょうね。xま