Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's day

This is what Nina made at school for Mother's day.


You will know what kind of person I am by reading this note. Nina answered all the questions about me.

There was a pretty paper teacup came with the note. It had a tea bag in it. I enjoyed lovely tea time by myself  last night after everyone went to bed. What a thoughtful gift! 

I love the picture on the tea cup.

Oh, and I made this messenger bag for my Mother in law.
Happy Mother's day for all Moms in the world.


  1. Such a sweet little girl! And a lucky mother in law!

  2. Hi JE!
    My Mother in law wanted a bag like this for traveling. She is turning eighty on Wednesday, and my daughter will be six on Sunday! Such a happy week!

  3. That is the sweet card from your daughter!

    I am pretty sure that your mother-in-law loves the messanger bag. What a nice gift for Mother's day:)

  4. Thank you PortulaKa.