Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Many items are ready for local Holiday gift shoppers!!

Hello there!! How have you been?

I cannot believe it is still before Thanks Giving. Because we have this much of snow(!!) since last Thursday. It is unusual. We all feel like it's already Christmas time. Many schools in Michigan close to the state border were closed yesterday. (Our schools in South Bend IN weren't.)

It has been super cold BUT I am not hibernating yet!! (Sorry for being so quiet for long time.) I have been working so so hard to produce many items for consignment. They are now all on sale at our fabulous local vintage boutique JUNK EVOLUTION. I am the artist of the month and they prepared this beautiful large table for me. I set up all the stuff I brought in yesterday and it looks fantastic!

I will introduce you my new bags and jewelries in consecutive three posts. Today I am going to share the photos of my embroidered mini totes. Those embroideries may look familiar to you from my posts in the past. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Next I will share other bags which are featuring Japanese Kimono textile. Stay tuned.