Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silk Scarf and Kimono Obi Shoulder Bag

I added two new items on my booth at Circa Arts Gallery where I am selling my work on consignment since last month. They have sold this purse last week and my table got a bit desolate so I needed to restock it with some newly made items in a hurry.

I made two new things. One of them is a shoulder bag which featured a beads-embroidered piece of silk from a vintage Kimono Obi (sash). I embellished a flower motif on the Obi with a lot of fine beads and cut the pattern off from Obi, then appliqued it on a wool fabric which I used for the body of the bag.

The mauve wool fabric I used for the body has a little bit of gold glitter in it. And the gusset is made of a upholstery weight fabric. There is a zipper pocket on the back. You can not to see them in the picture below, but I made the handles long enough for being hung from a shoulder.

The lining is again (I have a lot of them) one of Good Folks cotton prints in pink. There is one simple pocket inside. I added a couple of magnet snaps as a closure. And there is a fleece in between an exterior fabric and a lining.

Another thing I made is a scarf. The material is a silk from a vintage Kimono for front and a black Silk Dupioni for back. I used some fine glass beads, sequins and feather stitches for embellishment. The fine stripes pattern of Kimono makes the scarf look very chic and sophisticated.

I sewed in a thin soft fleece which is 100% cotton, so the scarf feels nice and warm. Silk is a very gentle material for sensitive skins (which I have). It won't irritate your neck like some other wool scarves.

I have lots of old beautiful Kimono fabrics sleeping in my drawers. I always think I should use them up someday. I want to make more scarves like this for my Etsy shop. But I think I have to wait till this crazy busy holidays gets over.

I wish you all have a merry merry Christmas and happy new year with your family and friends.


  1. The scarf is exquisite! I love your embellishments. Merry Christmas!

  2. I can see that there are a lot of delicate work you did for the purse and the scarf. The embroideries you did on the scarf reminded me of Japanese willow trees:)

    Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    Hello Poppyprint,
    Thank you very much for leaving a nice comment. Please come back sometime soon!

    Willow trees! Yes, it looks like Japanese willow trees for sure! I love Yanagi leaves, so I probably should have named this "Yanagi" scarf. thank you so much!