Saturday, October 16, 2010

a little illustrator / Sashiko in progress

I love my Five-years-old's drawing. I asked Nina to draw a dog for me this afternoon. And this is the picture she finished in ten minutes. I love it! I just love it.

Not only a dog. There are four puppies smiling by a mama dog.

She has just started learning to write at school. Fortunately, she is interested in writing very much. She is not good enough yet, but she keeps trying. Can you read this? It is not a secret code. It says "Puppies are cute. Dogs are cute too." Isn't that writing cute too?

And this is the first story she made up a couple weeks ago.

* * * * * * *

I already finished up this sashiko. I only have a picture of it in progress here. It is going to be a little purse.


  1. Very fun! It looks like a potential dog quilt to me!

  2. Hi Marjorie!
    There was an idea in my mind, it was that embroidering this picture would be so cute. And a dog quilt! That could be very fun to make, too! Thanks for the inspiration.