Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Haloween #1

The Halloween season has come again! I feel the last costume making was just done a few months ago!
My daughter's costume request was "Tigress" the Tiger in the movie "Kang fu Panda" which both Nina and I love. She is a master of the Furius Five. Every time Nina watches this movie, she gets so excited and Kicks and Punches around in the living room in her Kng-fu move.

By the way, I couldn't find costumes of tigers at Halloween stores. There are "Tiggers" of the Disney everywhere but no "Tigress" anywhere. Then I found a "Lion" of the Lion King at a thrift store. I decided to get it and make it Tiger.......somehow. Even if I could not make it, I would ask her to be a Lion this year or since it was only five dollars, I would buy another one (something very safe like a princess or a fairly) . But I tried and finally made it a Tiger. There you go. It looks like a Tiger, doesn't it?

I forgot to take pictures of the original, so this is a picture of the Lion body already has some stripes on it, which is the closest to the original. I stenciled stripes with a bottle of black fabric spray paint.

This one (left below) is the "Before". There you already see some tiger pattern on the face again. I gave him a cosmetic surgery and it turned like this (right below). The "After" looks much more attractive, don't you think?

I appliqued new eyes and a nose over old ones with felts. The spangles added some sparkles in her eyes.

 The model is her. Master Tigress.

 Oops.There is a vestige of being a lion in her tail.

It seems Nina likes the costume. After a fitting, she didn't want to take it off. Kept drawing as Nina the Tigress.
 I could have made clothes for it like a kind of Kimono shaped top and Kang-Fu pants. But I didn't want to hide those stripes. My diligent work.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. It's so cute! Your daughter must love it!I just bought my kid's costume. My boy's is all his clothes... Oh, I bought a pair of socks for his.
    Have a happy Halloween!!