Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Flower Garden Granny Square" Flickr group

Hello everyone! Did you start a good week? It is a beautiful day we are having here in Indiana. My day has been very busy and I am working pretty much efficiently. It feels great!

I know, I should have done this much earlier, but finally I created the Flickr group named "Flower Garden Granny Square". This group is made for people who adore my free "Flower Garden Granny Square" pattern to show off their creations made with this pattern. I posted this free pattern on both this (English) blog and my Japanese blog two years ago. And soon, this pattern started walking out alone around the world through the internet. Until today, I've had about 100,000 accesses to the pattern only on this blog. I cannot track the numbers of the page access on my Japanese blog but more than 100,000 accesses sounds miraculous to me. Definitely amazing! I kept wishing to see what people are making with my Granny Square pattern. And I only got a few chances to see the images of items that some of my blog visitors made. That is the reason I finally started this group and I am hoping this will work for me and many crocheters who make (or wish to make) something with the pattern. Having a place to communicate with other crocheters would be fun. This group is open to everybody. Please feel free to share your photos of your creations and your ideas about the Flower Garden Granny Square pattern with other readers of Harujion Design blog! Let's enjoy!!

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