Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nina's Passion (for now)

I bought a bunch of felt sheets in pretty colors for Nina before we left for Japan. After we came back, Nina found those felts and immediately started her project. And now she is absorbed in it pretty much. I gave her a couple of darning needles and some Sashiko threads. A small darning needle works just enough to sew through thin felt and it is safe for kids to use since it doesn't have a sharp point.

This pink staffed bear (head) was the first thing she made all by herself. She makes most of her stuff free-hand. She doesn't use any patterns. Just directly attack to her materials!! And the sweetest thing is that she made this for me .

Then her stitching skill improved quickly. She finished this pouch with a pretty flower embroidery right away. She needed my help to sew a zipper on the pouch, but otherwise, she made this without my help. This item is absolutely useful! What a great creation for a seven years old girl!

She just keeps going.  The next item she made was........

The stuffed frog (head)! What do you think of these stitches? Pretty good, huh? I know, I am one of  those doting Moms :p This froggy went across the street. It was a gift for the boy across the street.

Do your kids sew? Happy kids sewing!

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