Thursday, July 26, 2012

We are in Japan! / Sewing for travel #6

Dear friends, now we are in Japan! Nina and I have arrived here last Thursday. It's been a week and we've almost recovered from jet lag. It always takes some time to adjust our biological clocks 13hours. The rainy season is past just before we arrived but we had three unusually cool rainy days at the beginning of our vacation then it got very hot and humid. We have been enjoying the time with my family and friends. I did some fabric shopping in Tokyo as well. I hope I could find time to share about those things with you here while I am in Japan.

Some photos of our trip to Japan.

Leaping water at Detroit Metro Airport.

Waiting for a boarding. (This is not the plane we took.)

Landing at Haneda Airport in Tokyo after 13 hours flight.

Before I tell you about my days in Japan I have to show you another item I made for this trip. It is a crochet hook holder.

Unfortunately I haven't had any spare time to crochet. I brought a couple of yarn with me but they are still waiting to be crocheted in my luggage. I hope not to bring back those hooks unused.

There are some more things I made before leaving the town. I would like to share them in the next post hopefully. Please have a great weekend :)

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  1. this looks amazing! Thank you for sharing so excited I found your great blog!